Bahawalnagar Incident: Punjab Government Launches JIT Probe

Punjab Government Launches JIT Probe:

In response to the tragic Bahawalnagar incident, the Punjab government has taken swift action by establishing a Joint Investigation Team (JIT). According to the spokesperson of the Punjab government, the incident has sparked concern and necessitated a thorough inquiry.

The spokesperson emphasized the importance of uncovering the truth behind the incident and holding the responsible parties accountable. To achieve this, a Joint Inquiry Team comprising experts from the Department of Interior and various security agencies has been assembled.

The formation of the Joint Inquiry Team underscores the government’s commitment to uncovering the root causes of the Bahawalnagar incident. It aims to delve into the circumstances leading to the confrontation between two Pakistani forces, shedding light on the underlying factors.

Moreover, the spokesperson stressed the need to maintain a spirit of unity and cooperation among all forces serving Pakistan. Any attempts to sow discord through propaganda will not be tolerated, as they undermine the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan’s forces.


In conclusion, it is imperative for all stakeholders to uphold the dignity and honor of Pakistan’s forces, refraining from engaging in negative propaganda that could jeopardize their unity and respect. The launch of the JIT probe marks a significant step towards seeking justice and ensuring accountability in the aftermath of the Bahawalnagar incident.

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